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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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today, there was no sign of audi, but in other suv and motorcycle or both confiscated. -- were both confiscated. councilmembers' will consider a ethics regulation next week. board of the raid spread quickly. it puts the point that ethics urgent and we need to make it happen. >> i am sad that it has reached this point. feelings, i been thinking about thomas and his mother and his family. >> council member thomas is the of a former council member. his father held the very same seat. council chairman kurt -- meeting. emergency when only a few council members up, he postponed the
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until monday. the same day they are supposed the ethics reform legislation. council member thomas remains in his palm, the fbi just left. which is not on the door, his said -- closed and locked the door. >> you can keep tabs on any harry thomasin the investigation all weekend long. will update this story on our there? raided more than a majorbusinesses in a counterfeit drug bust. officers seized thousands of painkillers and birth control pills. crackdown comes after a six- month sting. they increased their efforts after a bomb in became violently counterfeit and drugs.
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complete list -- list of go to our website. some encouraging numbers the the government about unemployment rate. the november jobless rate to 8.6%. is down from 9%. employers added 120,000 jobs and includes many small businesses and start-ups that expanded in the past month. unemployment numbers from alsomber and october were suggested in a positive direction. this weekend could be an interesting one in the republicans' quest for the nomination. herman cain says he will make an about the future of campaign tomorrow. comes amid allegations of a longtime affair and poll numbers that a fallen to the floor. we looked at the campaign trail as it stands right now. >> it looks like business as on the campaign trail today for herman cain. but he could not escape the is swirlingthat
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around him. >> there is a lot of garbage out there about me. >> he said tomorrow, and he will headquarters and make a major announcement. clarify exactly what next steps are. he is reassessing his after a womaner came forward to claim that affair foraving an 13 years. ammy wife understands that i a giving person. his wife said is in -- his opinion said he will be a key factor. >> there is more bad news for herman cain. to numbers have plummeted 8%. october, he was sitting of the
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recent polls are looking much better for newt gingrich. >> it is very hard to look at polls.ent >> mitt romney fired back this on fox news. >> self aggrandizing statements about polls are not going to win elections. >> tomorrow might be the most of a statehe opening campaign office has ever received. president obama is preparing campaign inection virginia. the president's campaign was supposed to deliver the necessary additions to the state elections today. tomorrow, the campaign will open fairfax and newport news. in 2008, mr. obama became the carry virginiato in 44 years. major milestone in iraq today. very quietly today, the u.s. former baseover its
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operations in baghdad. there was no ceremony, no photo ops. the last american soldiers left the base today. about 13,000 american troops remain. this will not be news to of you. a new survey shows traffic is giving worse in our area. the study focuses on the worst bottlenecks. is the i-395 corridor from d.c. into virginia. and jefferson davis highway are especially bad in the mornings. for the top five worst traffic area, go to our driving and parking near alexandria's mark center is to get worse. mark warner is asking the
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pentagon to delay the relocation of employees. jim grant suggest satellite parking with shuttle bus service the pentagon. word if any of the proposals will be considered. friday shoppers such a spending record. you one of the items they bought. it does not exactly convey the holiday spirit. >> the jets blew prepares to -- jet blue prepares to expand. >> the weekend is here, first weekend in december. think you'll like this forecast. [ speaking french ]
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but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] you are watching abc7 news 6, on your side. at least 29 occupy protesters arrested in tampa, florida. the demonstrators were taken they refusedafter leave the park. several warnings were issued. said they backed away to giveort time protesters time to leave. those arrested are charged with trespassing. president obama and bill
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clinton joined forces to push more energy efficient office buildings. the president used the backdrop announce a $4 billion upgrade buildings across the country. is expanding at national airport. the discount airline has bought additional landing rights at both d.c. and look korea in new york. operate about nine daily flights out of reagan. no word yet on destinations. smart phones, clothing, hot black friday.on so were firearms. they do believe
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of first-timeot buyers and women. some major work planned on metrorail this weekend. you where you will to take a bus instead of the train. >> things are looking pretty for the weekend. >> georgetown is still reveling its win. the nba to adopt a new, but shorter season very soon. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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we continue for some major weekend for the metro system. >> a lot of folks will have to bus from maryland to the back.ct and we are live in silver spring this weekend changes. about some track worked for metro. entire northern tier of the red line. michael phillips is getting on metro rail in spring. when it is time for him to come
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he is not sure what he is going to do. the silver spring station will closing tonight at 10:00. >> by the time i get there, i do not know a file will be able to get on. is going to bus have to run all of that. it will take a long time to get into town now. >> metro spent the week trying get the word out to passengers, but the news is taking many by surprise. provide shuttle between the stations until they reopened rush hour monday morning. not to bad weather this taking the bus.
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>> it is going to be a delightful. we are getting lucky. we are at children's hospital, now.grees right the high temperature today was 58 degrees. 50 in gaithersburg right now. i reagan national airport, 55 degrees. 51 and 36 are the average temperatures. 46 in gaithersburg, 41 in manassas. tenders are going to fall pretty quickly tonight. early this morning -- to fallures are going quickly tonight.
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most of the suburban areas, mid- 20's. 20's and 30's at this hour up east coast. the mid-atlantic, still some 50's. we will have a cold night tonight and a chilly day tomorrow. here is how it is gone to work. high pressure over had is gone to give us a clear day. we will have clear skies tonight and cold temperatures. babbled bring slightly cooler temperatures for tomorrow. -- that will bring slightly temperatures for tomorrow. we will move offshore during the day. day,ool during the more tomorrow night, by sunday, it will be southwesterly. temperatures will be back into mid-50's. on monday, a rather cloudy day, but it will be mild temperatures, near 60. on tuesday, that cold front
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comes in with scattered showers. that will linger on into wednesday. here is the deal for the weekend. sunny, a 50 tomorrow. mid-50's on sunday. by monday, near 60 degrees. same on tuesday, but the front could bring some scattered showers. temperatures will cool down on wednesday. anytime you the updates on all of weather information, it find.y to go to our homepage, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the good news. players and owners in the nba realize, if you do not play games, people will not come to see you. >> the nba is back.
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did you miss it? wizards like a decent record build inspiration from. it is reported the team will notbusiness has officially started. local players are working out voluntarily. about teamalked more success and everything that he has. understands how you are judged. are judged by how your team wins. will take this team far.
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less than two seconds to go, nailing a 3-pointer. georgetown of sent alabama, 57-55. there was a noticeable difference at redskins park this week. players call it a swagger. grossman to dish out another 300 yard passing performance and command the offense in the red zone again. anthony armstrong helps rex would that memorable 50-yard bomb. armstrong did not want to gloat or talk about the touchdown. only focused on the jets' defense. for having anown formidable defense. sound in your execution.
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>> what about the so-called dream team? like a nightmare. they face to seattle last night. he ran for 178 yards. he rushed for a touchdown. was caught. a two-s is giving him of the candy. it is not time to hit the panic button with the capitals, but that the fansmean are not already are. it did not happen last night against pittsburgh. the caps get another chance to dale hunter his first win. it has been a tough road for
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donovan mcnabb. went on claimed on waivers today. is free to sign on any team, they want him. >> that is disappointed, such a great player.
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one of our old favorites is next creeks facebook
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contest. >> you can win an ipad2. each day until afternoon at 4:00. we will announce the winner next friday at 5:00. >> a beautiful weekend ahead for us. >> we are looking at a very nice weekend. let me show a little low temperatures this morning. 21 n. frederick this morning. 34 in downtown washington. temperatures will be further close to that tonight. a bigick hit 57, improvement there. are the numbers for you weekend. tomorrow, of 56 sunday. monday, said near 60 degrees. 60 again on tuesday. a cold front is likely to bring showers in the evening. bob ryan will have a lot more on
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tonight at 11:00. >> join us at 11:00. have a great weekend.
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this is "world news." tonight, back in business. hiring surges. the unemployment number drops. and we meet the americans who are back at work after months of searching for a job. >> i am employed. >> i found a job. >> i got a job! blowout. chaos and cleanup after that wind storm cuts like a machete threw neighborhoods out west. hurricane gusts at 150 miles per hour. and surfers catching the big waves on lake tahoe? mitt fires back. republican front-runner mitt romney cha


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